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VPP2 Screen Visual Passage Planner 2 (VPP2) was designed to bring the power of the computer to the passage planning process. Visual Passage Planner (VPP) automates the tedious, time consuming task of off-shore passage planning by using the historic weather data contained in the official Pilot Charts to evaluate passage conditions and estimate passage elapsed times. Using VPP, many "what-if" scenarios can be played out in the time it would take to manually calculate one route using traditional methods, allowing selection of the best route.

In fact, VPP2 now has an automatic Route Optimization Feature that lets VPP2 do most of the hard work when it comes to selecting a route.

Planning a passage with VPP2 is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1.  Enter waypoints on the world-wide chart display area to define a route.
2.  Create a vessel speed profile and apply it to the passage.
3.  Select a particular report to view or simply view the Instant Report window.

Based on various wind, current, wave height and other Pilot Chart based weather information within VPP2, waypoints may be moved by mouse or keyboard to optimize a route.  The Automatic Route Optimization feature in VPP2 will even try to maximize or minimize any of the many route parameters (i.e. minimize route time while also minimizing wave heights). The Instant Reports feature gives you continuous feedback on the passage in real-time as the changes are made. Further optimization of the route can be made right up to departure time and with a laptop computer aboard, VPP will continue to provide updates during the passage and predict your noon-positions as you progress.

Click on the features listed on the left of this screen to learn more about each of them.

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