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Several report formats are provided to display the results of passage simulations. The detailed reports can be printed or viewed on screen.

The Vessel Performance Report details a vessel's predicted performance during the current passage. Nautical miles moved, great circle distance, elapsed time, average boat speed, speed made good, average wind force, and mean wind directions are presented for each leg. The percentage of elapsed time spent at four different angles relative to the wind (or relative to current for power vessels) are also displayed along with average wind force.

The Great Circle Report is presented in the format you might use if you were to travel the great circle route between waypoints in a passage. The distance to travel, the course to steer, and ending point latitude and longitude are given for each segment that makes up the leg's great circle route.

A Weather Conditions Report provides information on the weather conditions predicted during a passage. Great circle distance, distance moved, and elapsed times are presented. Additional information about ocean conditions, atmospheric conditions, and wind and storm conditions are also provided.

Additional available reports include the Passage Summary, Vessel Speed Profile and Screen Shot.

The Instant Report window can be displayed as a floating window that will updated in real-time as you make changes to your passage.  Up to 13 various route parameters can be displayed at once.  By selecting a parameter within the Instant Report window, the passage route will be color coded on the map to reflect the values along the route.  For example, you can instantly see where you are slower, or where the mean wind speed is greatest along the route.

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